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Rishikesh India: Changing The Subconscious Mind

rishikesh-india-meditationOn one of  my ‘getaways’ from working in Japan, I spent two months in an ashram in Rishikesh in India. I did a combination of meditation and yoga throughout the day but I actually found a meditation class I liked better in town and would venture out every afternoon to participate in it.

I remember one day, our small group was led along the edge of the Ganges to a serene location at a bend in the river. We sat on smooth rocks and were told to sit quietly and absorb every detail of our surroundings with the intention of being able to recall every sound, feel, sight and smell at a future date. To this day, if I close my eyes, I can bring back the imagery to my mind with distinct detail. I remember the feel of the warm breeze on my cheeks, and the sound of the rushing water going past. I remember the blue sky, the trees, the people on the far bank washing themselves in the water, and the beating of my own heart as I sat, alive, amid such magnificent beauty.

Every cell in my body remembers the experience. I programmed my cells to remember that experience. You can program your cells to change your subconscious thought patterns and behaviours through conscious awareness when you meditate and try to things.

When you try new things, especially things that push you beyond your comfort zone, you experience discomfort because your cells are changing. We have been conditioned that when we experience discomfort that we should stop what we are doing because it must be bad. But experiencing discomfort when it comes to personal growth is a good thing. It means you are changing for the better, expanding your mind, and rewriting your blueprint for success, personal growth, or a new direction in life.

It’s the same thing as when you go to the gym and you are sore the next day. The pain in your muscles is proof that you are getting in shape and making changes to your body. With your mind, it’s the same. As you grow and expand and do things that are new, you also feel discomfort. But change is necessary to grow and it’s essential to change our mindset beyond what we comfortable with in order to move forward.

The journey excites me. I love change and I love facing my fears and trying new things.

So next time you feel scared or nervous about doing something new, think “Hooray! This is uncomfortable and this is just what I need to do.” And know that once you do it a few times, it won’t be uncomfortable anymore.

Get excited about getting uncomfortable. Your cells will remember your successes and you will soon find yourself growing and discovering that you are so much stronger and braver than you ever thought.


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