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Bucket List

IMAG0199Now that I have more freedom in my life, my goal is to work my way through my bucket list…

Place I want to travel to: 

Tulum, Mexico: kite board lessons – March 2016
Disney in Orlando with my kids -April 2016
Equador and the Galapagos Islands
Visit my uncle in the Yukon
Lisbon, Portugal
New Orleans for Mardi Gras

Things I want to do:

Finish and publish my children’s book
Help 20 people set up blogs
Volunteer in a third world country
Learn to play the banjo
Set up some kind of program in my town to help children
Paint more regularly -Oct 2015

Physical goals:

Commit to more yoga: Be able to do the splits again -getting close!

Things I want to have:

Buy a house of my own: rent it out 3-4 months a year so I can travel:)
(I don’t really want much… I would rather get rid of everything to tell you the truth!)