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About Rebecca



My name is Rebecca and my goal is to help you get a sales funnel and blog set up for YOUR business so that you can create a ‘work from anywhere’ lifestyle that you are in control of. By creating a market specific sales funnel you can attract customers from all over the world while you are playing with your kids, enjoying life, or traveling. Marketing your business on the internet comes down to 3 things:

  • defining your offer or business/brand
  • creating a sales funnel for your specific target market
  • knowing how to market to get in front of your perfect clients so that they find you and contact you directly

Did you know that if you can get in front of 20 people per day that are looking for what you offer, you can create a thriving online business that can almost run itself?

And if you are interested in knowing a bit about me, read on. Otherwise, click here and send me a message telling me exactly how I can help you.

I grew up in a small town in Canada and had a pretty fun and untraditional childhood. My parents and our neighbours were always playing practical jokes on each other like switching furniture while we were away, or installing fire hydrants on each others lawns. When I was eight, my mom and a bunch of girlfriends took all their kids to Greece for a whole summer where we ran wild and crawled through the sewers at Knosses. (thousands of years old so nothing was in them) After high school I studied French and Fine Art at the University of Guelph. I took my second year off to be an ‘au pair’ in Paris, France and had all kinds of adventures. I loved France so much, I went back for my third year on an exchange to the University of Nice. Then I thought I better learn Canadian French too, so I did a semester at McGill University in Montreal. It took me 5 and a half years to get a four year degree but I had a ton of fun doing it!

After I graduated, I really didn’t know what to do so I went backpacking for a year.







I backpacked around Asia for five months and Australia for seven. When I got home, I REALLY didn’t want to start a ‘normal’ life, so I left for Vancouver where I lived for half a year before I found a job teaching English in Japan.

I ended up in Japan for the next five years, teaching English and running a bed and breakfast out of my mountain home with my boyfriend. We started a company called “Konichiwalks” for foreigners living in Tokyo who wanted to get out of the city and enjoy mountain biking and hiking in the Japanese Alps with us.

IMAG0206In 2000, we left Japan and got married in Costa Rica. Forty of our friends and family came to the wedding and it was wonderful.

We continued on to Australia to learn the Aussie pie business. We spent six months in Sydney before opening a franchise of “Shakespeares Pies” in Whistler, B.C.

4-7CFD9711-1639189-800We had our son in Whistler in 2001, then two years later sold our half of the pie shop to our partners. While owning a franchise was a great business experience, we had zero freedom plus the extra headaches of all those hungover staff that often didn’t show up. It was like having a job you could never escape from and that didn’t go well with my goal of creating a life of freedom for myself.

We decided to move to Canmore, Alberta. We bought a house, fixed it up, rented it out. Then threw the baby, our bikes, and a guitar in the jeep, and drove down to sunny California.

mom-and-baby-slingIn California, my (now ex) husband worked with a friend finding land and building mid-century modern homes and I was a stay at home mom and was not allowed to work in the US. Because I was not allowed to work at a regular job, I discovered the home based business industry and jumped in.

I had my second baby in California …a wonderful home birth in Palm Desert.

Things were going really well. And then they weren’t. The market started to crash (2006) so we sold our house and headed back to Canada.

We bought a house in Kelowna in the beautiful Okanagan Valley and met a lot of great people. However… after two years, and losing my father to cancer, I decided it was time to go home. By now it was 2009 and I had been ‘away’ since 1993!

2-485589E1-1818807-800Once again, we sold our house, and pretty much everything we owned. We bought an RV and drove east. After 8 weeks driving around Ontario, we chose Collingwood as our next home. Collingwood is a small town about two hours north of Toronto that has decent skiing, nice beaches, and a ton of cool people.

At that point, I was working from home but turning away from traditional network marketing in favour of internet marketing. I started learning about how I could use the internet to make extra money so that I could be home with my kids and have time with them while they were still young.

IMAG0484At this point my marriage was on shaky ground, and to top it off my travel bug was not being satisfied. Something needed to change so I made a promise to myself to take a trip somewhere every year with my kids.

That year we took an all inclusive vacation to the Dominican Republic. It was just what I needed at that point in time.

IMG_0188The following year, my son was chosen to compete in the World Karate Championships in Japan so off we went. He competed in Osaka, which was an incredible experience, and we revisited the mountain village where we had lived long ago. My dream of taking my kids back to Japan became a reality.

During that trip, we reconnected with an old friend who was still in Japan and who now owns a ski school and vegan cafe in Hakuba. He asked us to come back and work for him for the winter since we knew the area and the language. At that point, my marriage was on even shakier ground, and I thought the adventure of getting away might rekindle things.

IMG_1251We rented our house, took the kids out of school (to homeschool temporarily), and headed back to Japan. It ended up being a great experience for us individually …but not in terms of healing our relationship.

The following winter, my husband decided that we would go back to Japan. So I decided to go for 8 weeks out of 16 with the kids so that we could enjoy the Japanese culture and skiing for another season while I figured out what to do next. When the kids and I returned to Canada, I knew the winds of change were blowing. Then when my ex got back, we made the decision to officially separate.

I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders immediately and everything seems to fall into place.

I found myself a cute house near my kid’s schools, leased my first ever new car, re-established friendships, rediscovered my passion for art …and reconnected with myself on so many levels. I have created a bucket list of things I want to do and am working my way through it. I also have clarity in my life for the first time in a long time and my heart is bursting with happiness.

The first winter on my own, my ex went to Japan again, and I went to Mexico for two weeks. I backpacked around and reignited my passion for adventure travel.

Then following winter, while he was in Japan, I chose Equador to discover. I went on my own and met so many amazing, open-minded people every day and was constantly reminded how wonderful life on this planet can be. It was in Equador that I had a huge revelation about myself and realized that I was exactly where I needed to be at that point in my life.

I know it sounds weird to be full of joy after separating, but sometimes when you are on the wrong path, you don’t realize it until you change direction. And when you are on the right path, things just seem to fall into place.


I believe in creating the life you want as opposed to letting someone else decide. I love travel, am devoted to my kids, and am building an online business helping other women with home businesses create an online presence for themselves through blogging and social media. I encourage everyone to follow their passions and create a life that they love, and today it just makes sense to do that using technology.

If you have a home based business, my goal is to help you get your business found on the internet. If you are willing to let me help you set up a blog and a sales funnel for your company, I would be honoured to help you.

My focus is to help you create a blog around your business or passion, as well as a sales funnel, and create a real ‘work form anywhere’ lifestyle.

I encourage you to step into your power and follow your heart. Believe in yourself. Dare to be amazing. Become an entrepreneur.

Life’s a journey and everything happens for a reason.

Contact me so that we can get you started right now.


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