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A Single Mom Adventure In Equador With My Anti Theft Bra

For my second winter as a single mom, and looking for adventure during the two weeks in March that I would be kidless, I decided to try Equador.

People sometimes ask me why I chose Equador and the main reason really came down to the fact I found a great deal on a flight that left 2 hours after my kids were scheduled to fly to Japan to see their father. The perfect timing meant we could all go to the airport together and I could go through customs and right to their gate with them. The only other factors were that it was hot and I had never been before.

But traveling alone as a single woman in South America did make me a little nervous. Not because I was actually scared but because people kept telling me I should be. The look in their eyes when I told them what I was doing was one of pure fear.

In my own mind, if I didn’t do stupid things like go out at night by myself or wander down unknown alleys, I felt pretty good about my decision. Still, I wanted to have a backup plan for my valuables as I toured the beautiful third world coasts.

I started researching underwear and bras with secret pouches and came across the Travel Bra.  It looked comfortable and efficient so I ordered. When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised that it was made of organic cotton and had more secret pouches than I had expected.

There was one for a credit card to slip in under my left arm, and a little one by my shoulder for small jewellery (even though I never travel with expensive jewellery to third world countries). There was one that hung down the front right side that was the perfect size for a passport, and another above my right boob for cash. Not only did the travel bra seems to be the perfect anti-theft bra, it was also super comfortable.

When I arrived into Quito at midnight on my own, I had the bulk of my cash, and my credit card stashed in my bra, and just my passport and a little taxi money in my purse. I wore my travel bra every day, and would rinse it out and hang it to dry at night. Ideally, I probably would have purchased a couple bras but in the end, everything worked out perfectly.

I didn’t have room for anything else my backpack anyway. In fact, I felt pretty proud of my packing because all the other ‘seasoned’ backpackers I met along the way were super impressed by my tiny bag, as they lugged their big packs from bus to bus. You really don’t need much when you travel in hot places and the less you take the better. (And yes, the backpack you see in this photo is all I took.)

The company I got the bra from has a few different styles but I got the original travel bra.  But, depending on your need, they also have a runner’s travel bra, a beach travel bra, an ultra-light travel bra, and even men’s travel trunks.

And I now have a special relationship with the company and they gave me a code to share with other travelers. I am happy to say that if you go to their site at www.thetravelbra.com and use code REBECCA20 at checkout and you’ll get 20% off.

And for those who are wondering how safe it is for single travel in Equador… all I can say is that if you are smart and use common sense then it is quite simply… Bueno!

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